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Autumn inspiration for your home
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Autumn inspiration for your home

Tina Steneman — Reading time: 1 min.

Autumn inspiration for your home

I love autumn, the gorgeous walks in the woods with all the beautiful yellow, orange and brown colors. It is also a time where we spend more time inside and snuggle up during the cold wet days. In this post, I would like to share some fall inspiration for the home and talk about the colors I use this fall myself.

Amber, muted and pleasant 🧡

A retro color we have seen make a comeback in recent years and I understand very well why, as it fits just so well into almost any room! It goes with both dark and light wood tones and is therefore quite versatile. A color I would highly recommend for the living room as it creates a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Orange, energetic and vibrant 🍁

I love orange, it creates life and energy in a space. It goes really well with gray, beige and brown colors. A great color for the hallway as it gives a fresh and positive breath in everyday life.

Dusty brown, comfortable and relaxed 🍂

A dusty brown gives a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the room. It is a color that is pleasing to the eye mixed with wood and that we have seen more and more in Nordic spaces in recent years.

A soft peach 🥰

Peach is a nice neutral color that gives both an optimistic and at the same time relaxed expression. It works really well with light wood colors and creates a modern feminine expression in a room.

Beige, perfect for the bedroom 😊

I love having a rug next to the bed as it makes the first step in the morning comfortable, especially the cold days when the floor is icy cold (unless one is so blessed to have underfloor heating 😇). In the bedroom, I prefer calm earth tones, so beige is the perfect choice for me.

I hope this little inspirational post could inspire and help you coordinate the colors of your home this fall ❤️


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