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Best sustainable blogs to follow
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Best sustainable blogs to follow

Tina Steneman — Reading time: 1 min.

Best sustainable blogs to follow

In Rug Solid we always talk about sustainability and on living a more sustainable lifestyle.

And that's great, but easier said than done, right? You're probably thinking; "where the heck do I even begin?"

I always say; you do not know what you do not know, so how should you know? 🤔

That's why I hope this article can help you find the right information and inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle through some amazing cool blogs 😊

1. Sustainably Chic

Natalie from Jacksonville, Florida has always had a passion for sustainable fashion and writes about .. Yes it is, and in general about a green lifestyle. On her blog you can read everything from how to reduce your plastic consumption to finding the right brands for a sustainable lifestyle.

Read the blog here

2. Going Zero Waste

Kathryn, who started Going Zero Waste, was diagnosed with breast cancer already in college. It got her thoughts going about what she was putting both inside and outside of her body. She found out how little regulation there really is around all the things we trust are okay with the brands we use in our daily lives. On the Going Zero Waste blog you will find inspiration and guides on how you can reduce your consumption and save money at the same time (win win!).

Read the blog here

3. Selva Beat

Selva Beat is a modern magazine with a focus on the environment. It has a more youthful and rebellious approach to sustainability and puts the word "hip" in hippie. Here you will find everything from sustainable city guides, to which products you can replace palm oil products with (which will definitely be discussed in another article).

Read blog here

I hope these blogs can inspire and provide motivation as well as inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle. As these blogs show, it has never been easier to start a sustainable lifestyle as we are also so lucky that many more companies than us today offer the right solutions. But as I also know it can be a jungle to find them.


Tina 😊

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