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Experience a greenhouse under water

Experience a greenhouse under water

Mads Steneman — Reading time: 1 min.

Experience a greenhouse under water

At the bottom of the coral reef just off the coast of Australia lies a very special attraction.

This is not just an ordinary attraction but an absolutely incredible and amazing art installation underwater.

The Coral Greenhouse art installation.

The installation is called 'The Coral Greenhouse' and is designed by artist Jason deCaires Taylor who takes you into the depths to explore an incredibly captivating visual narrative through various sculptures modeled on real people.

A diver is placing one of the unique sculptures on the installation platform.

The purpose of the artwork, in addition to creating a fantastic atmosphere, is also to raise awareness of the growing threat to the coral reef. The biggest threats are toxic chemicals in the sea, as well as a rising water temperature that destroys the beautiful corals.

A picture taken of wildlife at the coral reef.

The Coral Greenhouse is made of nature-friendly materials and every detail is thought out. Eg. fish can hide from predators at various hiding places in the installation and it is designed to withstand natures forces. Not only is the architecture designed with nature in mind, but the materials are also carefully selected to harmonize with the sea, allowing the installation to only become more beautiful with time as the wildlife moves in and the coral reef absorbs it so that it becomes one with the sea.

In the installation there is ample opportunity for wildlife to find hiding places for various predators.

If you're eager to see it with your own eyes , you can dive down and see the amazing work, it can be found at John Brewer Reef which is close to the city Townsville on the Australian north-east coast.

A diver swims through the entrance of the installation.

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