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Guide: Choosing the perfect rug for your living room
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Guide: Choosing the perfect rug for your living room

Tina Steneman — Reading time: 2 min.

Guide: Choosing the perfect rug for your living room

The living room is the room in the home where we spend the most time and possibly the most important room in the home.

It is therefore essential to find the rug that suits your everyday life! Below I will share a few of my thoughts about decorating in the living room with a rug.

Choose your rug based on a material that suits your everyday life 😊

Children and/or pets in everyday life? Will it be able to handle a 'light' party? Or should it just create a great atmosphere? The material is incredibly important to choose from what your everyday life looks like to get the most out of the rug.

Cotton is a good choice if you have a daily life with children and/or pets, or simply need a rug that can be easily cleaned. The great thing about the cotton rug, is that it can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. If you would really like to have a wool rug but want the functionality of a rug that can be easily cleaned, then the PET plastic rug is a brilliant choice.

The leather rugs are also incredibly durable but if you have a pet that loves to chew on various things, it may be better with a different material. To me, the beauty of a leather rug is the raw Nordic look and exclusive feel it gives.

Personally, I love the bamboo silk rugs and the Landscape wool rug, however, I would say that these rugs require more delicate maintenance but if this is not a problem they are absolutely fantastic. Their thickness also provides a quiet sound in the room and prevents sound from bouncing on multiple surfaces.

So, the material is in place, what about the rug size? 🤔

Generally, I recommend using 170 x 240 cm as the largest size if you live in an apartment, the most common size for living rooms in apartments is 140 x 200 cm, it is also an easy size to handle in terms of cleaning. If you live in a house it is easier to go up in size and if you have a large sofa or sofa and lounge chairs the 200 x 300 cm in bamboo silk and leather is a great size.

There has generally been a trend that rugs in the living room should almost take all the space (eg 300 x 400 cm), and then you could almost as well have made the living room with a wall to wall carpet 😉

In my opinion, it looks good when the carpet does not take all the space, but instead splits the space into 'zones' and creates an extra dimension in the room.

Perfect, what color do I choose for my rug then? 🎨

Color is always a personal choice but here are a few examples I made that you can use as inspiration😊

The easiest way to see what works is to get started! 😁

Every time we go out and shoot pictures of our rugs on photoshoots, the image I have in mind always looks completely different from the actual image we end up doing. Once you get started, you often see brand new exciting opportunities!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this article has given you some inspiration and thoughts to decorate your living room with the perfect rug 😊



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