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Guide: Decorate With The 2020 Trend Colors
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Guide: Decorate With The 2020 Trend Colors

Tina Steneman — Reading time: 2 min.

Guide: Decorate With The 2020 Trend Colors

You know probably know the feeling -

You sit around browsing some decor pages for inspiration and end up with an article on the hottest colors right now.

Then you get presented with some great looking stylized images and think; "Wow! I would like that”

But everyday life is not styled as in the pictures and you quickly find that the color coordination that has been used on the pictures is not entirely random or easy to achieve yourself.

And what are the trend colors for 2020? 🤔

There are always shared opinions on this but most people agree on neo-mint (light mint).

According to WGSN, the trend colors are Neo Mint, Purist Blue, Cassis, Cantaloupe, Mellow Yellow (see all colors below).

Below, I go into depth with each trend color for 2020 and what might be a good fit for your home.

I will give you some color palettes you can use to guide your decor if you have a good eye on one or more of the trend colors for 2020.

Neo Mint

Fresh, cool, modern and young. Mint is a sporty color that just makes one feel happy and youthful, but too much mint can quickly make the room look like a waiting room in a hospital.

As seen on the color palette it is important to mix mint with light wood tones and light gray elements, if you also have dark wood in the room it is important that it is not too dominant. Plants are also a good match for mint, cactus plants are especially a good match.

Purist Blue

Fresh, clean and healthy. There is nothing calmer than looking beyond a pale blue lake of water after the snow from a mountain top has melted into the valley in the spring.

The pale blue color fits really well with light wood tones and white or light grey walls as dominant colors in the room. A bit of smoked oak can further provide a nice contrast.


An elegant, muted and royal color. It provides a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere in the room. As the colors above, the cassis (purple) also suits incredibly well for light wood colors, white and light grey walls and also compliments plants. It is important not to have too many dark elements in the room along with this color as it can quickly feel very dark.


A fresh and tropical melon color. If you miss the feeling of being in a tropical climate, this color is super nice to have in everyday life 🌴

This color works really well in neutral rooms with many light grey, white, greige (gray + beige) and light wood tones (oak etc.). An amazing color that can give your room a modern and energetic look.

Mellow Yellow

A warm and lovely shade of yellow. If you miss the 70's or have a retro style, this warm shade of yellow is a great choice. It can also easily work in a modern interior with the right colors as well.

The dark and warm yellow color creates a relaxed and modern atmosphere along with light wood tones, it also fits perfectly with plants. Dark wood colors also fit just fine in smaller quantities, however also gives the color scheme a more retro feel.

Last Words

I hope this could give you some inspiration and ideas to decorate with these trend colors. Remember that this is just a guide and sometimes you have to break the rules to get the most beautiful result 😁

/ Tina

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