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Guide: Decorating with a runner
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Guide: Decorating with a runner

Tina Steneman — Reading time: 2 min.

Guide: Decorating with a runner

I love runners and understand why they are extremely popular. In my own home I use them in many places as it provides an extra element and functionality in everyday life. In this article I will give you some advice on where to recommend runners, as well as some of the fantastic qualities of choosing a runner.

1. A runner in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the first places I cannot stress enough how amazing it is with a runner. First of all (not the most attractive reason, but definitely the most functional) is that if you spill in the kitchen (which often happens, at least for me) it is just so easy to clean, especially if you have a cotton rug, as it can easily be washed in the washing machine.

A light rug can create modern feel when paired with bright a bright kitchen.

2. An extra element in the hallway

The hall is an area that can easily be overlooked but also one of the places in the home we see the most every day. Both the cotton rug and the leather rug are great choices for the hall. I also have to say even though I always recommend an Anti-Slip Mat, they come especially handy in the hallway as with all the foot traffic the rug can easily become a sliding attraction (speaking from personal experience 😁).

If you have a neutral hall a rug can create a beautiful 'color pop' coordinated with similar colors from smaller elements such as vases.

3. Avoid wear on the floor of the entrance

In the entrance I use a leather rug myself as I have tried with cotton rug but feel that they get too quickly fuzzy as they often have to be washed, especially in autumn and winter season. It also looks super stylish with the leather rug and creates a nice exclusive feel every time I step into my home 😊

Pair a light leather rug with neutral colors in the entrance for a modern Nordic look.

4. The perfect companion in the bedroom

A runner next to or in front of the bed in the bedroom also creates an absolutely amazing feeling every morning when getting out of bed. I like a neutral and relaxed bedroom so the colors I use are neutral with a beige leather runner in front of the bed. The great thing about a runner instead of a larger blanket under the bed is that it is also easy to remove when vacuuming and cleaning.

In the bedroom it can be nice with neutral colors to create a calm and natural atmosphere.

5. In front of the wardrobe

The last place I love to have a runner is in front of my wardrobe, every morning I can easily spend 5 minutes choosing an outfit for the day and therefore I love being able to rest my feet on a soft cotton rug.

Create an exclusive look in front of the wardrobe with a leather rug.

In general, I believe runners are great, as mentioned earlier they are just effortless when it comes to cleaning and I love the added dimension they can add to different places in the home. As always, I hope it has been an interesting article to read that can help and inspire you when it comes to decorating your home! 😊



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