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Guide: Find the perfect rug for your kitchen
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Guide: Find the perfect rug for your kitchen

Mads Steneman — Reading time: 2 min.

Guide: Find the perfect rug for your kitchen

A rug in the kitchen may sound like a terrible idea as it is almost inevitable to spill once in a while when cooking. But with the right rug in the kitchen, it can actually create a cozy and stylish atmosphere while being super functional. If you have a really nice floor you'd like to avoid spilling on, it is a super good idea to have a rug in the kitchen, or if you think the kitchen floor is a bit boring, then a colorful runners can always lift the mood.

1. Choose a material that suits you 🧶

In general, I would recommend the PET Rug, Leather Rug or Cotton Rug for the kitchen.

PET is super easy to clean as it is made of plastic and has a soft brushed feeling just like wool which means that when you stand on the rug in bare toes in the morning and drink coffee or make breakfast, the experience becomes much more cozy.

Leather is nice and warm to stand on all year round, it is also easy to wipe off with a damp cloth if you spill and it creates a modern Scandinavian and exclusive feeling.

The last material is cotton, super soft, beautiful and easy to clean as it can be washed in the washing machine. The cotton rug is also the perfect choice to create an extra cozy atmosphere in the kitchen.

2. Match the Floor 🎨

Do you have a checkered floor in black and white? Or maybe a light wood floor? It is important when choosing color and material that you coordinate with the aesthetics of the floor. It can create a stylish look to put a black leather runner on a checkered black / white floor, and a cozy modern Nordic atmosphere with a light cotton rug on a wooden floor. A good choice that suits most kitchens is light grey leather or light grey cotton and PET Granite. Below I have made a few illustration that can provide further inspiration.

3. Add an Anti-Slip Mat ❗️

One of the things I would highly recommend is to give your rug an Anti-Slip Mat. If you have pets, children or elderly people in the home who often walk around the kitchen, it is a super good idea with an Anti-Slip Mat. In addition, it provides increased comfort under your feet when you stand for a long time and cook.

Personally, I love a runner in the kitchen as they protect the floor if I spill (which is inevitable for me) and the increased comfort it provides when I stand and cook dishes that take a little longer. As always, I hope this article can help you find the perfect rug for your kitchen and give a bit of inspiration 😊



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