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How good is sustainable design in 2020?
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How good is sustainable design in 2020?

Mads Steneman — Reading time: 1 min.

How good is sustainable design in 2020?

Who doesn't want to be sustainable? The problem is often that sustainability comes at a price, it is not always possible to create sustainable design that is just as beautiful as designs made from raw materials and to make it at the same price. While many try (which we love), not all the major design brands have switched to a completely sustainable production yet. Below you'll find a selection of the few brands we think does a great job at making sustainable design.

1. Mater

Mater was founded in 2006 by Henrik Marstrand and today has a large selection of beautiful sustainable modern Danish design created in collaboration with Danish designers such as Space Copenhagen.

2. Takt CPH

Takt offers beautiful, simple and modern Danish design furniture of sustainable materials. Among other things, their wood is exclusively from controlled forests where the trees have time to naturally regenerate, which is shown to be good for the wild animals and they ensure optimal working conditions for their employees.

3. Enkl

Enkl designs according to a circular design philosophy, their furniture is created with a perspective of life after their use. To ensure easy recycling, the furniture can be easily separated so that the materials can be recycled in a clean process. Following their philosophy, Enkl offers a take-back service where they buy their own products back for 10 percent of the price when you are finished using it.

4. Wehlers

Wehlers makes incredibly beautiful furniture from recycled materials, including their R.U.M chair is a symbol of how residual materials can turn into a new, beautiful design, made in Denmark. In addition to R.U.M, Wehlers has a selection of other great furniture including a lounge chair, daybed as well as tables may from sustainable materials.

5. ReBeds

If you are looking for a bed in a special design that is sustainable, then ReBeds offers some amazing opportunities. ReBeds makes beds of certified materials with a production in Denmark in beautiful designs that stand out in any room. Their production is even powered by a windmill.

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