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How to decorate with the trend colors of 2022

How to decorate with the trend colors of 2022

Mads Steneman — Reading time: 4 min.

How to decorate with the trend colors of 2022

You probably know the feeling. You sit and browse on Instagram or your favourite decor site to get inspired, and end up with an article or post about the hottest colors right now.

They are presented with some amazingly beautiful styled images and you think; “Wow! I would love to have a home like that”

But you quickly discover that everyday life is not styled as in the pictures and that color coordination that has been used in the pictures is not completely random or easy to achieve yourself.

And that's exactly what I want to help you with in this article, to be able to create incredible color coordinates playfully with this year's trend colors.

What colors are this year's trend colors?

There are always divided opinions about which exact colors are going to be trends, but most agree on Buttercream (a pastel yellow).

According to WGSN, the trend colors are Butter, Mango Sorbet, Olive Oil, Atlantic Blue and Orchid Flower (see all colors below).

In my opinion, these are not the prettiest colors together, but together we will make each color achieve its very own style.

The 2022 trend colors
The 2022 trend colors


Let's start with Butter, a pastel yellow. Combined with light or dry plants and a light color palette, this color can create a cozy, relaxed and optimistic atmosphere in your home. In general, this color also works well with other pastel colors like mint, pink, lavender and light blue.

Mango Sorbet

Mango Sorbet is an energetic shade of orange. It goes well with yellow and red, and if you are really bold it can also go well with a clear blue. But beware, it's a fun color to decorate with, but there can quickly be too much color that can create a slightly chaotic expression (and if that's your taste, that's fine too).

Olive Oil

Olive oil. A relaxed and muted shade of green. This green is really nice with sand colors and gray which creates a relaxed and subdued look. If you want to go in a slightly bolder direction, it can also work with orange or lavender. The picture shows a color palette of green, gray and beige that creates a stable, calm and timeless expression.

Atlantic Blue

Atlantic Blue is a dark classic blue. This is a timeless color that is always good to have in the home. This shade of blue is more to the conservative side. Which is good. Because you will not get tired of it in the long run. It goes with pretty much any color. If you have a lot of black furniture in the home I would recommend a different color. Black and blue often create a dull expression together. In the picture you can see how this blue fits well with the yellow contrast from the picture and how the remaining neutral colors create harmony.

Orchid Flower

We take the hardest last. Orchid Flower. In general, a dark pink / purple is more used in American and English homes composed of heavy dark colors. But that does not mean that it can not work in a Nordic interior (which we ourselves are best at creating). However, this color is best used sparingly, e.g. as pillows or a runner. It is a fun color that works well with blue and green but also in very white interiors. As seen in the picture here, the color is used sparingly in the form of an office chair to create a fun small "pop" of color, while the rest is relaxed and neutral.


Each color from this year's trend colors goes a lot in different directions. Some are heavy and subdued, others are light and subdued. But almost everyone is subdued except Mango Sorbet. My two cents would be that the muted color dominance is due to our recent boring years in isolation of the outside world and that people often decorate according to their mood. No matter what, I would always recommend, trends or not, that you decorate according to your personality. Do you love impulsivity and colors? Let there be colors! Are you more into a calm atmosphere after a chaotic day outside your safe space? Feel free to use muted and neutral colors. If you are decorating according to your personality you will always feel comfortable in your own home and that is the most important thing. As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope this article gave you some inspiration for the decor in your home.

What do you think of this year's trend colors? And what do you think in general about trends as opposed to your own style? I would really like to hear that in the comments below!


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