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  • Leather Rugs

    Leather accessories are made from leather pieces cut out from a hide. The pieces left, deemed unworthy for further use is called off-cuts. Our artisans curate and use these off-cuts, cut them into strings and make each rug by hand.

  • Cotton Rugs

    Our cotton rugs are made of cotton off-cuts originating from the fashion industry. These pieces of cotton are curated by our artisans, cut into strings and woven together by hand.

  • Jute Rugs
    Our jute rugs consist of a combination using leather off-cuts and the organic fiber jute, intertwined by hand in a unique weave creating a unique golden contrast.
  • Anti-Slip Mats
    Made from jute and natural latex, our Anti-Slip Mats contains no plasticisers nor chemicals and are free of toxins. Placing the mat under your rug will prevent it from traveling, and provide an extra layer of comfort under your feet.
  • Landscape Collection
    The wool is made of waste wool from spinning mills. As the waste wool fibers are shorter, they go through a process where they are mixed with new wool fibers, to create a strong yarn that will last for years.
  • PET Collection
    They are made from recycled PET plastic and a single square meter contains up to 75 plastic bottles. Visually they are similar to wool rugs, however, their qualities are similar to plastic rugs, such as resistance to liquids and they can be used outdoor.
  • Bamboo Silk Rugs
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