Rug Solid –
A sustainable concept

Our Production

The idea behind our production is recycling. The global fashion industry uses unimaginable amounts of resources daily, creating piles of leftover cotton and leather remains.

We source our materials locally at an auction, and transport them to neighboring communities where our production takes place. The process behind each product vary, but the common feature is the high degree of skill and care each rug is handwoven with.

With time, our production has been expanded from only dealing with cotton and leather, to embrace everything from recycled fishing nets to used bicycle tubes. The key to our development is to constantly find new ways to create beautiful and usable design while lowering environmental impact from other industries.

Scandinavian simplicity is not living in our designs alone, but also in the production of our rugs where we have sought away from the industrialized production and all the way to a village 100 kilometers from New Dehli in India, which has a proud tradition of craftsmanship. Over time, we have become an embedded part of the village culture, where virtually all adults are involved in the production of our rugs.

As your guarantee for quality and sustainability in our products, we have obtained the “Global Recycled Standard” certificate. This means that our production is continuously controlled by an external partner to ensure good conditions for people and the environment from start to finish.

You can read more about the requirements of the Global Recycled Standard certificate here.

Below you can read more about how we create the different types of rugs.

Cotton Rugs

Our solid cotton rugs are made from a variety of cotton strips that originate from the international fashion industry. After the strips have been sourced locally at auction they are transported to the village where they are sorted by size. A larger puzzle then follows where the strips are placed as they should be woven to ensure a smooth weave. Only when we are sure that the strips are placed correctly weaving can begin. When the rugs have been woven, they are dyed depending on the colors of the recycled strips and the color the final rug. It is of course both cheaper and easier to produce a rug having the same strips manufactured for the purpose. Avoiding having to sort, select, process and color coordinate tens of thousands of strips. However, this process ensures that you get a sustainable and truly unique rug.

Leather Rugs

Our original leather rugs are woven by hand from strips of leather in different shades. The process behind the rugs is similar to the production of our cotton rugs. Leather remains from the fashion industry is frugally selected, cut, and woven together by hand. This is a time consuming and tedious process, but also the foundation of achieving a uniform, tight weave. What especially characterizes our leather rugs is that nothing is spared on neither materials nor labor. When you feel the rug, you won’t question the thorough process whereby the product has been created.

Plastic Rugs

The production of our plastic rugs is quite traditional despite a modern appearance. The rugs are woven by hand and requires great craftsmanship, since plastic fibers easily drift apart and are thus difficult to control compared with cotton and leather. The process is both tedious and time-consuming. But it gives a weave that is firm - and not least uniform throughout the entire rug. The plastic comes from sources such as plastic bottles recycled into plastic threads that provides a durable surface, ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

Bicycle Tube Rugs

A Bicycle Tube Rug from Rug Solid epitomizes our mission to combine sustainability and minimalistic design. The used bicycle tubes are sourced at local bicycle repair shops and then transported (on a bike) to our production. The rugs are then crafted by hand by cutting bicycle tubes into strips and weaving them tight. This way, we relieve the environment of unnecessary waste, while we make a cool, rough rug that breathe new life into the materials.

Jeans Rugs

Our durable Jeans Rugs are tightly woven from a variety of cotton and denim strips originating from the international fashion industry. Jeans are originally designed to withstand more wear than ordinary cotton. Our Jeans Rugs are therefore virtually indestructible while having a raw and casual look. The models Jeans / White and Patchwork combines the strength and look of denim with a graphically simple expression from fields of cotton. To ensure the strength of the rug, the edges of the cotton fields are woven with shirt material as it is less likely to fray compared to ordinary cotton.

Horizon Wool Rugs

The Horizon Collection combines a mix of recycled fishing nets and pure wool in a durable conjunction woven in threads of recycled cotton. The distinctive geometrical shapes are created by the French designer Jocelyn Deris, who found his inspiration in the landscape's natural forms and lines around the world. The design and origin of the rugs reminds us therefore that together we can create new and better horizons for the planet we all share, by innovating the way we consume our resources.