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A sustainable concept

Our Production

The idea behind our production is recycling. The global fashion industry uses unimaginable amounts of resources daily, creating piles of leftover cotton and leather remains.

We source our materials locally at an auction, and transport them to neighboring communities where our production takes place. The process behind each product vary, but the common feature is the high degree of skill and care each rug is handwoven with.

With time, our production has been expanded from only dealing with cotton and leather, to embrace everything from recycled fishing nets to used bicycle tubes. The key to our development is to constantly find new ways to create beautiful and usable design while lowering environmental impact from other industries.

Scandinavian simplicity is not living in our designs alone, but also in the production of our rugs where we have sought away from the industrialized production and all the way to a village 100 kilometers from New Dehli in India, which has a proud tradition of craftsmanship. Over time, we have become an embedded part of the village culture, where virtually all adults are involved in the production of our rugs.

As your guarantee for quality and sustainability in our products, we have obtained the “Global Recycled Standard” certificate. This means that our production is continuously controlled by an external partner to ensure good conditions for people and the environment from start to finish.

Read more about the requirements of the Global Recycled Standard certificate.

You can read more about how we create the different types of rugs on their individual category page in the webshop.

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