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Our cotton rugs are made from a variety of cotton strips that originate from the global fashion industry.

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Bicycle tube

The used bicycle tubes are sourced at local bicycle repair shops and then transported (on a bike) to our production.

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The wool collection combines a mix of recycled fishing nets and pure wool in a durable conjunction woven in threads of recycled cotton.

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The plastic comes from sources such as plastic bottles recycled into plastic threads that provides a durable surface, ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

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The process behind the rugs is similar to the production of our cotton rugs. Leather remains from the fashion industry is frugally selected, cut, and woven together by hand.

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A Jute Rug from Rug Solid consist of a combination of leftover leather from the fashion industry and the natural plant fiber jute, a sustainable, durable and 100% naturally degradable fiber.

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Our durable Jeans Rugs are tightly woven from a variety of cotton and denim strips originating from the international fashion industry. The edges of the cotton fields are woven with shirt material as it is less likely to fray compared to ordinary cotton.

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Cotton Rain

The Rain Series comes in the thickest and most refined weave we have ever made. We know your feet are going to love them. While the rugs lay heavy on the floor, they also have a soft expression that provides the room with a calm atmosphere.

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Anti-Slip Mats

Made from jute and natural latex, our Anti-Slip Mats contains no plasticisers nor chemicals and are free of toxins. Placing the mat under your rug will prevent it from traveling, and provide an extra layer of comfort under your feet.

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