3daysofdesign - Rug Solid

Where and when?

From the 23rd to the 25th of May 2019 Rug Solid will be present at this years 3daysofdesign, Denmark's annual design event. You will find us in the famous Museum of Copenhagen at Stormgade 18 in the heart of the capital as a part of the exhibition "Circular Furniture and Interior Design".

The Circular Furniture and Interior Design exhibition is focusing on various creative approaches to circular thinking, pointing towards a future where all materials and resources are kept in sustainable loops, with no waste or harmful emissions.

In the museum we will be joined by more than 20 other brands including Warm Nordic, Mater, Hay and Muuto.

Read more at 3daysofdesign.dk
Photo by Lauren Friedman

What can you expect to see from us?

At the event we unveil six upcoming collections: Tuscany, Porto, Landscape, Illusion, PET and Jungle.

These upcoming collections are crafted using advanced new production techniques using both highly exclusive and innovative materials allowing us to push the boundaries for great rug design without compromising on sustainability.

Visit us at the event or follow us @rugsolid on instagram for the full unveiling.

If you can't wait we have a sneak peek for you down below.

Tuscany Collection

Sustainability fits with the Danish ethos. It builds on social values of collaboration, trust and honesty. Add Danish design tradition characteristics like simplicity and functionalism and you have great potential.

Similarly, Italian quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail has intrigued the world with spectacular luxury products.

This rug is a fine combination of both. A unique piece of Danish design made from the finest leather off-cuts from a Italian luxury brand. Up-cycled and handcrafted by master artisans in Italy.

We respectfully named it ‘Tuscany’.

Porto Collection

The Porto Collection was named after the historic naval city in Portugal as each rug is handcrafted in the area.

In cooperation with an Italian luxury brand, all of the leather we receive and use are of the finest quality as it is off-cuts from the production of luxury goods in Italy.

To us and our artisans, each detail is truly important and the handcrafted nature of each rug allow for relentless attention, making each rug crafted by proud tradition.

Landscape Collection

The Landscape Rug was designed by Parisian designer Jocelyn Deris. Landscape is inspired by nature, the graphic depictions of aerial countryside views as seen from the sky with fields and roads in contrasting colors. These natural geometries defines Landscape.

The material is up-cycled wool waste produced on spinning mills. To maximise the use of the fine material, we use this wool waste and combine it with new wool to create strong and durable yarn. For the leather edges, we use fine grained italian leather off-cuts produced in the production of luxury goods in Italy.

Illusion Collection

The Illusion Collection is crafted from bamboo silk. The fine bamboo fibers gives a lustrous appearance and soft comfort for your feet. Our backing made from recycled cotton provides a sturdy and durable backside of the rug.

Step into a surreal 3D illusion of different perspectives depending on which angle you view the design from. Illusion is a play on geometrics, how we perceive and see different from one another.

PET Collection

In India, there are garbage collectors on the streets, who collects waste (paper waste, PET plastic, steel, iron, etc.).

Once all the PET plastic waste is separated they send it to a factory who first filter the plastic waste and remove the impurities and then melts this plastic waste to make small plastic granules. These granules then again are sent to a different factory that transforms them into the PET yarn used in this collection of rugs.

The process provides the PET collection with a look and detail similar to wool rugs, and the qualities such as resistance to liquids similar to plastic rugs. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Rug Solid x Save Wild Tigers

The philosophy behind the Jungle Collection was to create designs to add awareness for endangered wildlife animals around the world. Each design support the very animal it represents by giving ten percent of the sales price to charity fighting for their cause.

Once there were 9 sub-species of the Tiger, today only 6 remain with the extinction of 3. Tigers are becoming threatened by the rapid rise of poaching due to the high demand for tiger parts used in traditional medicine. To combat this, we support Save Wild Tigers with 10% of the recommended retail price from every Tiger Rug sold. Save Wild Tigers is an organisation working to stop the trade of tiger parts by educating consumers of traditional medicine of the harmful effects their actions cause.

Accepted payment methods

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