About Rug Solid

Every step counts

Rug Solid was established in 2012 by founder, Tina Steneman, with a vision to create a sustainable world. Leading by example, we believe it is our responsibility to challenge existing production processes. We walk the extra mile, to push both design and sustainability standards within the interior industry. Everything we create is made from sustainable materials, varying from recycled fishnets and up-cycled leather to organic materials such as jute and much more.

“To create a sustainable world we believe every step counts. From reducing food waste, using less water when brushing your teeth, to our production of sustainable rugs.” - Tina Steneman

Today we collaborate with a village of skilled artisans from India, and through generations of knowledge, these artisans have acquired unique methods of handcrafting rugs from the various materials we use. We have acquired the "Global Recycled Standard" certificate. This means that our production is continuously controlled by an external partner to ensure good conditions for both people and the environment from start to finish. Design, sustainability and effort - these are the attributes embodied by the spirit of Rug Solid, and lives through everything we make.

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