We believe great sustainable design demands excellent quality.

We strive to craft unique handmade rugs that are both faithful to our belief and the Danish design tradition by rethinking manufacturing.

We rethink manufacturing by sourcing leftover materials from the global fashion industry, and combining great craftsmanship with an unrelenting attention to detail to create simple aesthetic design.

Every step counts.

We are taking it upon ourselves to give leftover materials new life by transforming them into something beautiful and useful.

As your guarantee for quality and sustainability in our products, we have obtained the “Global Recycled Standard” certificate.

Read more about the certificate and how each of our products are made here.

Rug Solid
x Jocelyn Deris

In 2016 we got the opportunity to start a collaboration with French designer Jocelyn Deris, who strive to enrich his curiosity with the aim of providing relevant and unique creations that respond to the question: "What if, we viewed things from a different perspective?"

A question which we challenge ourselves every day as we strive to create unique rugs from a sustainable approach. It felt natural combining the way Jocelyn thinks design with the way we think sustainability.

Hear more about our first collaboration project: The Horizon Collection in his own words in the video, or check them out here.

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