Bad news!

Forests are burning.

Species are going extinct.

And the water is rising.

If you've turned on the tv lately you may have noticed a lot of talk about the environment. And that's great, talk is great, it creates awareness. But what's even more important than talk is walk. There are still a lot of messed-up things happening every day destroying our planet. The truth is, we are all part of this system. But just as we've helped build this system, we can also tear it down and rebuild it. Brick by brick.

"All businesses are build to make money"

The world we live in today seems to agree that a business' sole purpose is to make money.

But in today's world people are also starving. Dying of thirst. Meanwhile, most companies profit from this. And the harm they create on the environment is done in the developing countries, not the wealthy ones. The places where people suffer from toxic air and climate change the most, are where the products are made. And the very same companies claim this is what (you) the consumer want; cheaper prices.

But is that truly what you want?

Here's our humble opinion; Being a business is a bad excuse to mess with our planet (and a very uncool one, might we add).

Politicians aren't doing much about climate change. This is because companies do this thing called lobbying, which means exchanging favors (example: Getting a great job at a corporation later in exchange for political favors now). While it may seem harsh, the cold truth is that the world is run by cool cash. That means Companies are ultimately responsible for the health of our planet.

Here's the good news

What you buy is what the world becomes. If you choose not to buy products from companies that mass-produce and exploit, they will go out of business. Choose the companies that fight for change. The companies that exist, not to make money, but to make the world a better place. For you and for all of us.

What you choose makes a difference for the future of our planet. Your choice really does matter.

Make earth great again

There's still a lot of work to do. But by choosing sustainably whenever possible, you are making the world a better place. Brick by brick. And here's the good news:

Today, being sustainable is not a compromise. Electric cars look sexy. Vegetarian food tastes wonderful. Sustainable rugs look better than ever (if we may say so). And it's cool to shop second-hand. With your support, we can make sure the future of business is done by doing good. It's just good business.

The big one

Here's the million-dollar question; Why do we bother to get out of bed every morning? To make sustainable products and experiences that you will love.

It is our promise to you that our drive is to help cool people like you live a better life and to do our part in saving this big beautiful planet. And it will always come before "being a business to make money".

But let's cut the bullsh*t; We're not a perfect company, not even close. Nobody is. But this isn't about nobody, it's about us, and our intentions are true.

We kindly ask that you judge us on our actions, and not just on what we say. As you would with any other company, naturally.

We give 1% back to the planet

As we profit from the planets resources, it is only fair to give back some love. Therefore we pledge 1% of our total turnover to the preservation and restoration of our nature.

As you've scrolled this far, you might say; "That's a cute story and all, but what are you doing about it?". That's such a great question and we're so glad you asked. We've collected everything we do to try and make this world a better place for you to explore down below.

Sustainable materials

We believe good design must be good for the planet too.

Green numbers

Our definition of green numbers is probably a bit different from other businesses. Hint; it's not about money.

Certified production

Today everybody and everything is sustainable. We are Global Recycled Standard certified. After all, talking is easy, walking is the hard part.


Things change. The world is moving every day. However, values should never change. Here's ours.

CO2 neutral shipping

We compensate the CO2 created for every package we ship.

Limited editions

In the age of mass production, we seek to do the opposite.


We aim for nothing less than to be the best rug company in the world to work for.

Tough rugs

We are huge product nerds. It means a lot to us that a product is not only well designed but also well made.

"It ain't much, but its honest work."

Could we do more? definitely. We can always do more. But the most important thing is getting started. Change is gradual and starts with the small stuff. We want to thank you for having read this far. Together we will rebuild the future. Make earth great again. Make earth sustainable. Brick by motherloving brick.

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