How to decorate with blue

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How to decorate with blue

Color of the wise

Did you know that blue is the favourite color of both men and women?

There may be a lot of things we disagree about, but we do love blue. And for good reason.

Blue is a cool, calm and collected color. It is also the color of the wise. We all know who the wise one here is. It’s you. Because you’re learning about decorating with blue.


Easy to match

Blue is a decorating win-win: not only does it make a beautiful base for your decorating ideas, but it’s actually proven by scientists to be a subconsciously calming shade– making you relax without even realizing it.

Just like science, we have decorating science. There are rules to stick to when decorating with blue if you want to get your space just right.




Warm or cold?

The best shade of blue for rooms is difficult to define. It really depends on two things: first, your room's orientation. Secondly, what is the effect you want to create?

If your room faces north or east, it's likely to suffer from a lack of warm daylight, so choosing a blue that has warm tones (think turquoise) will keep it feeling welcoming. In contrast, if your room faces south or west, it will receive warmer light, so you can afford to pick cool shades.


Intimate or open?

You need to decide whether you want your room to feel cozy or airy. Darker blues make a room feel more intimate, especially at night. But it does not make your room feel bigger. Light blues make your room feel relaxed, big and optimistic.

Most colors go well with blue, although introducing warmer shades, such as yellow, orange and red will add warmth to the scheme where it might otherwise be lacking.




Matching colors

You can always put blue with white. Doing so will create an elegant, restful room with good natural daylight, ideal for blue hallway ideas. Another color to put with blue is one from the range of neutrals and naturals – think wood and beige textiles.

The one color to avoid is grey, which can make a blue decor scheme feel cold and boring. And we don’t like boring.

Also, avoid too much black and blue, or you’ll be feeling blue very soon.

Opting for bold blue color on upholstery and in rugs allows depth to be added with texture. Here, a fine ticking stripe and geometric print fabrics provide lively highlights that catch the eye.




Blue works everywhere

Blue is one of the most popular colors for living rooms– and really successful at creating a calming, elegant finish in a space that's often busy.

Blue is a great color for kitchens. Especially in your summer cottage (if you own one). If you have a view of the ocean, great. But if you don’t, why not make the ocean come to you?

For metals, consider gold or brass, whether taps or handles. Pick warm metals to make the kitchen feel smart but welcoming. Then, add extra warmth with flooring and furniture – wood or natural stone are perfect.


Final thoughts

There you have it. That’s our best tips on decorating with blue. Blue is simply a great color– It makes you feel relaxed, focused and calm.

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If you made it all the way down here, thank you. We look forward to seeing you in the next post.

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