A Life-Changing Decision

It all began in 2009. Tina sat in the dark. The dim glow from the TV illuminated her face. She had made a decision that would change her life.
On the screen was the end of a documentary about how man's desire and search for more was destroying the planet. Tina thought about the world she lived in. How an overconsumption of clothes had been created. Millions of tons of waste produced every year, thrown into nature, or into rivers.

A Planet In Pain

She thought about the plastic she saw floating in the ocean and found in the stomachs of sea creatures. How the future generations would live in a world of waste, polluted air and extinct nature. But this was not the time for mourning. This was the time for action. Tina decided she wanted to make a difference. To help create a better world through what she knew best; design.

The Answer

Which product could help transform textile waste or plastic waste into design? These materials, taken for granted, dumped and incinerated, could be reused. The problem was that so much waste was created that the product had to be able to use a large amount. Tina contemplated and found the answer; rugs. Rugs could recycle large amounts of these leftover materials. The materials could then be repurposed into elegant design for modern homes. But who had the knowledge to create such rugs?
Sweden was known for their tradition of making rag rugs during the 1800s. She thought of the history of the rag rug, the castles and manor houses of Sweden. At that time, rugs made of leftover textiles was seen as a status symbol. Back then, textiles were a very expensive commodity. And laying the textiles on the floor was considered very extravagant.
There was one challenge; this type of rug was no longer made in Sweden. Tina knew the country where the rugs was woven also had to be close to the source of the leftover materials. Tina started thinking, an idea was born. She thought of a country rich with artisanship. And a country, with the largest marble mausoleum ever built.

Journey To India

Tina began her voyage to India. A country known for their tradition through generations and knowledge in weaving. When Tina arrived in New Delhi, she looked around, tuk-tuks and scooters flying by, left and right, honking their horns. The streets were buzzing with life. This was quite the opposite of Denmark, a country of calm, minimalism, order and discipline. She started her journey to find skilled weavers who could help her. By using their savoir faire, to hand-weave rugs from these leftover materials. This was the beginning of RUG SOLID.