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Plastic Rug Sky

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Size Guide

- 60 x 90 cm: A great size for small spaces such as a bathroom, entryway, or even a small bedroom. It's also a great choice as a doormat.

- 65 x 135 cm: This size works everywhere. It is suitable for use in a kitchen, small bedroom or as an accent rug in a larger space. It could also add warmth and color to a hallway or entryway.

- 75 x 200 cm: The bestselling size. Perfect for use in a small living room, kitchen or bedroom.

- 75 x 300 cm: Perfect for a hall, your entryway, a large living room or bedroom.

- 140 x 200 cm: A good size for a medium to large living room or bedroom. Especially in an apartment.

- 170 x 240 cm: This size rug is ideal for a living room or bedroom.

- 200 x 300 cm: Great under a medium dining table (4 persons), or for use in a large living room or bedroom.

This is a plastic rug like you've never experienced it before. The texture is felted and has a soft touch. It is very durable, the structure is tightly woven using a durable thread made of recycled plastic. Whether you want to use it outdoors, indoors, wherever, the plastic rug is waterproof.

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General Info

  • Made of recycled plastic
  • High durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Flat-weave construction
  • Can be used on both sides


Daily cleaning can be done by vacuuming or beating the rug. If the rug is stained it can cleaned with soapy water and a brush.

We recommend using a rug pad such as our organic Anti-Slip™ Mat.

The rug will change color over time if placed in sunlight.


Materials: 100% recycled PET plastic

Country of origin: India

Thickness: Approx. 8 mm

Weight: Approx. 2000 g/m²

Climate Impact

The Plastic Rug is made of recycled plastic.

  • Water Saved: 45 L
  • CO2 Saved: 2 KG

*Calculated per kg of material